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The Urban Credit Store

Simply the best, put the ACS to the test!

Reducing high car payments is one of our specialties!

Simply the best, put the ACS to the test!
ACS Certified Credit Consulting Services

Find out if you are paying too much for your vehicle:

Multiply your monthly payment amount by the number of months in the agreement to determine the total amount you will pay over the life of the loan.

Then, subtract the amount you agreed to for the base price of the vehicle from the calculated number above. This will give you the amount of interest that is being charged. 

If you are paying an excessive amount of interest, you may need to consider refinancing the loan. We can assist you in getting out of a bad loan. 

Contact us to find out how to buy a car at the right price with the lowest interest rates available. 

Upside down in your loan?  We can get you a better rate!

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