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Simply the best, put the ACS to the test!

Credit Score Financing Model

Simply the best, put the ACS to the test!

ACS Certified Credit Consulting Services

- 700 Score - 

This score range offers good rates for financing. 

A 700 credit score is typically the beginning mark for good interest rate offers.  The best interest rate offers are typically reserved for excellent credit scores, which span from 720 to 850.

- 600 Score - 

This score range typically yields high interest rate offers.

A credit score of 600 is not considered “good” or “fair".  Rather, a 600 credit score is actually labeled as “bad” when being considered for standard financing options.  

- 500 Score -

This range will result in the highest interest rates available. 

A 500 credit score is classified as "poor" on the credit model. This score is typically not qualified for traditional bank financing.

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